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P01 - Next Generation Head-up Displays

The project Next Generation Head-up Displays (HUD) is at the forefront of technological development to potentiate autonomous driving as a near future. One possible development approach consists in providing the driver with information about the automobile performance and functionalities, based in real-time projection of data, during driving activities.

This project emerged from a need for the development of new technologies for a HUD system, in order to provide a more pleasant, comfortable and efficient driving. Major achievements resultant from this project include the production of an optimized version for a HUD Augmented Reality system with an automatic optical inspection quality control tool, and a new, compact and modular concept for the current generation of Combiner-HUD systems.


In this context, DONE Lab integrates the project as a strong supporter in the development of a suitable solution in terms of engineering design, additive manufacturing of functional prototypes for testing, and also for the fabrication of the final prototype.


This project was developed between July 2015 and July 2018, in the framework of the R&D Programme Innovative Car HMI (INNOVCAR), based in collaborative partnership between Bosch Car Multimedia S.A. and University of Minho.

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