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P14 - Total Plastic Chassis

The Project Total Plastic Chassis emerged in the framework of the R&D Programme Innovative Car HMI (INNOVCAR). The Programme successfully progressed based on a strong partnership between Bosch Car Multimedia S.A. and University of Minho.

The project aimed the investigation and development of a new concept of an automobile chassis entirely based in polymeric materials. In order to accomplish such development, new materials exhibiting specific electrical (EMC: shielding effectiveness) and thermal properties (thermal dissipation) were thoroughly analysed and combined with innovative chassis design approaches, which integrated new heatsink models. Simulation analysis allowed to optimize material and design combinations to best correspond to the product requirements. A new manufacturing approach was defined for the production of the 100% plastic chassis based in injection overmoulding technology.

With this innovative development it was possible to reduce the total weight of an automobile chassis in comparison to current models, while also guaranteeing an optimized energy consumption and high recyclability, thus contributing to a more sustainable future.

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