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P27 - Noise Reduction on Sensors

The project Noise Reduction on Sensors emerged from the need to provide a comfortable and pleasant environment for the driver and passengers enabling this way, the automobile of the future. In order to achieve this reality, reduction of noise is an essential condition. In this sense, the project focused in the development of solutions to improve the performance of mechanical components of steering angle sensors in vehicles, in order to significantly reduce noise emission. The development stages encompassed the analysis of new materials, conception of alternative design concepts, and acoustic simulation. Project achievements include the development of an innovative solution integrating new design concepts, which assured the noise level reduction to the target level and at competitive costs.


DONE Lab integrates the project as a strong supporter in the development of a suitable solution in terms of engineering design and in regarding to the additive manufacturing of functional prototypes for testing.


This project was developed between July 2015 and July 2018, in the framework of the R&D Programme Innovative Car HMI (INNOVCAR), based in collaborative partnership between Bosch Car Multimedia S.A. and University of Minho.

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