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P44 - New Assembling JIGs concept

New Assembling JIGs concept project has as main objective the implementation of Rapid Tooling technologies by Additive Manufacturing for the production of tools and production equipment, thus promoting an increase in efficiency, an increase in the Additive Manufacturing materials available for tools and electrical devices (SLS and PolyJet), a reduction in costs, and greater freedom of design and improved performance.


As such, the project presents as expected results the development of (1) resistant and lightweight structures; (2) new materials with different characteristics that will allow to create functional parts, namely, materials with high hardness, improved wear resistance, materials for protection and prevention of electrostatic discharge (ESD); (3) topological optimization methods to minimize the mass of a product/tool, maintaining the structural integrity of the original design; as well as (4) design guidelines for Additive Manufacturing.

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