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DONE Lab - Advanced Manufacturing laboratory to support the development of new products and tools emerges as a result of the partnership between University of Minho and Bosch Car Multimedia S.A.

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In a modern and functional space, the laboratory has several state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies capable of assuring the production of experimental and functional prototypes and customized assembly tools, combining additive and subtractive manufacturing technologies.

The DONE Lab encompasses three main areas:

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DONE Lab considers a manufacturing approach based on connected systems and processes, that enable an integrated method for product design and fabrication. To assure a short time-to-market production of high quality prototypes, products and tools, DONE Lab gathers a set of state-of-art manufacturing technologies that include subtractive, formative and cutting edge additive manufacturing equipment. Additionally, DONE Lab resources to modelling and simulation processes to achieve the optimal development process, at the shortest time frame. Combined with a wide array of high-performance engineering materials available, the multidisciplinary team of DONE Lab provides customized and innovative solutions.


DONE Lab approach for products and tools development focuses in an iterative method, for problem solving, to create refined and advanced solutions. To support the product design and development, DONE Lab resources to its internal knowledge that, besides its versatile team, includes a series of faculties, such as, simulation analysis for structural and processing optimization, reverse engineering, digital manufacturing, and mould fabrication. The variety of capabilities enables DONE Lab to advice on the most suitable solutions in terms of design, material and manufacturing process. This resourceful method enables to quickly provide precise and cost-effective solutions that integrate the whole specifications, since feasibility prototypes, at an early development stage, up to industrialization prototypes and products.


DONE Lab has a primary objective focused in the generation of knowledge and innovation regarding the advanced manufacturing of products and tools. The uniqueness of DONE Lab in terms of facilities, equipment and personnel provides an inventiveness and stimulating environment that promotes both research and development, inevitably leading to a constant exploration and growth. The investigation focuses on the pursuit for new materials with added functionality, the creation of new methodologies and, technological enhancement to achieve leading-edge products. DONE Lab aims to implement and share the innovative breakthroughs from its research and development for the advancement of the academic and scientific community, while also being a major support for the excellency of the industrial community.

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